Referee & Coach

Referee & Coach


It is said as one of the early lines in just about every season or tournament closing speech, “without them, we wouldn’t be able to play the game”, and how true it is. We are always in need of new referees to put their hand up to be involved in helping to facilitate matches, leagues and tournaments for players. Whether they be current or ex players, or people with no experience whatsoever, we have the programs to work with and develop top quality referees of the future.


We provide tiered refereeing opportunities, similar to that for players, with pathways from junior and social futsal all the way through to refereeing at National Championships and in future, we will be looking to offer referees international opportunities as well.


Similar to the situation with referees, there are also plenty of different opportunities for people wishing to become involved in coaching. Coaching at all levels from grassroots community futsal, through to international coaching requires the ability to pass on information in different ways to cater to all individuals within a team.


Coaching feedback is available on a weekly basis to coaches who seek it out and coaching courses are run by WA’s top futsal coach Greg Farrell, in conjunction with international coaches who have Spanish top flight experience and experience with coach education in Europe.

The opportunities for coaches are based not solely on experience but also on possible level of commitment, for a parent who is volunteering to help out with a junior community team, it is not necessary or logical to insist that they undertake a multi-day coaching course that is aimed at elite level coaches.

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